Electrical Engineering

Each of us experiences daily as indispensable energy and technology have become. The electrical engineering is the systematic application of technical electrodynamics and deals with the causes and effects of electricity and voltage, as well as the possibilities of its technical use.

High-, medium- and low-voltage can be found in energy technology, but high power is also found in the drive technology. Low power formed i.a. to communications technology. Other areas the electrical instrumentation and automation technology as well as communication technology, surveillance technology, alarm technology and the electronics were added. The boundaries between these sectors are often blurred.

In today's civilization, almost all processes and devices are powered by electricity or running on electrical appliances and controls a substantial interest, for example, with SCADA systems.

In all these issues, we advise and accompany you from concept through specification and manufacturing support including cold and hot commissioning. In addition to successful project planning, we also take over the maintenance under a service contract domestically and offshore.

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